After two hundred and sixty-eight years rule on the Melitan Archipelago, the Order of the Knights Hospitallers surrenders its kingdom without a fight to the forces of the French Republic who are led by Chief General Napoléon Bonaparte. The native Melitans, on the other hand, are not ready to yield their country so easily. So they start to assemble against these new invaders.


    Haunted by the heroism of his family’s past and bent on sacrificing his life for the good of Malitæ, Luċian, a countryside peasant, marches with the local militia against the French troops. Left for dead after the fighting is over, he is saved by a nobleman and taken to his palace in Valettæ for recovery. Luċian remembers nothing of the battle except that he was the first man to fall in the fighting. While he is a patient in the palace, he is tended by Ophelia, a beautiful young noble lady with whom he quickly falls in love. When Luċian is hardly able to stand and walk, he stumbles upon a deadly conspiracy which leads to his escape from the palace.


    Returning to his parents’ house in the medieval town of Birchircara after ten days, Luċian’s tracks are quickly followed by a squad of assassins paid and hired to capture him alive and to slaughter his entire family.


    Torn between the safety of his family, an impossible love affair and the war, Luċian enters into a macabre world of secret societies, devil-worshiping heads of state and a secret plot that would engulf the whole planet.


    The Sin Ritual, a suspense thriller set in 18th century Malta, narrates the tale of a man whose life becomes ensnared into a fatal web where the spider is not the only predator. The Sin Ritual is based on real events and depicts scenes that, although fiction, capture, in excellent detail, the Elites’ conspiracies that threaten the safety of humanity to this day.





    The Sin Ritual, which takes place in Napoleonic-Malta, is a rip-roaring suspense thriller that takes you into an inevitable shocking conspiracy weaved by 18th century powerful elite families. Before you realise, this page-turning novel twists in an unexpected journey of dark occult, blood-sacrifice and a heart-pounding final chapter.

    This is the first novel from Divide and Conquer, a short series of two novels.






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