Luċian, the survivor and eyewitness to a gruesome satanic sacrifice, wakes up to find his country torn by an uprising against the occupying forces of the French Republic. Momentarily oblivious to everything around him, he crawls out from a heap of corpses on the rampart of Saint Michael’s Bastion in the northernmost section of the Capital Valettæ. Naked, trembling with cold and utterly disorientated, Luċian trudges to the parapet where he is welcomed by the sight of war that jolts him back to the world.


    Terrifying memories of a blood ritual and his own death gush back in and the grisly truth hits him with a fatal blow. As cannon balls crush into the walls of the bastion, Luċian is forced to take shelter where past issues, even more horrifying than his own death, return to set him back on his dark and inevitable path.


    The year is 1798 and the world is in the grips of the Family, an almighty and secret bloodline that seeks to dominate the entire planet. As Luċian’s abysmal adventure continues, the Family sets its gaze on the Melitan Archipelago where the most powerful members of a secret Luciferian fraternity are gathering in the Chapel of the Fallen Star, a dome erected in honour of the biblical Fallen Angels, to commemorate the curse of Jacob de Molay, the last King of the Templars.   



     Questioning his own sanity, Luċian embarks on a journey which brings him face to face with the ultimate evil.



    Witchcraft, secret circles, spirituality, esoteric knowledge, conspiracies, war and the incessant struggle for survival are mustered in this compelling concluding novel . . . a mind-blowing supernatural thriller.





Selling price is €12.00 from this website, from and from other stores.


To order your copy directly from the author contact Kevin Falzon




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