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The Bible Paradox is a penetrating detective in which the author takes conventional Christianity up to a whole new level of investigation where the biblical Yahweh is placed on the stand for a crucial distinction between the god with the small ‘g’ and the God with the capital ‘G’; between the Hebrew and the Catholic god; and between the extraterrestrial Lord of the Earth and the Creator of All. 
This book fills in the gaps and answers questions asked by millions around the globe. Merge your imagination into the inhuman strategies of the Hebrew god’s general as the army of Yahweh, led by Moses, wreaks havoc in the Land of Milk and Honey. 
Discover the details behind the decisive Roman plot to save Jesus from the cross and travel with the author to the University of Malta as he takes the case of the Christ’s passion to the Department of Human Anatomy. These and much more in The Bible Paradox. 

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From Ancient Astronauts to the Fallen Angels – From the Giants of antiquity to Sumer and Egypt – From the Exodus to the Epic Slaughters of Moses and Joshua – From the grand palaces of Solomon to the dungeons of Herod Antipas this book will knock you thousands of years back into a thrilling and sadistic, ancient world to discover the misinterpreted truths about Jesus and his life and the secretes of a plot that threatens to change the teachings of history forever. 


Behind the veil of religious faith lie shocking veracities. Are you ready to take the brunt?





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