Book II - from the Arcana Trilogy


Book II encapsulates 4.5 billion years, from the formation of our Solar System to the alleged second physical life of Jesus in Asia. The author tackles the issue of the human evolution and introduces the IVF procedure at the time of the Homo sapiens 300,000 years ago, a time in which genetic engineering led to the creation not only of the archetype Adam but to that of the Medusa, the Minotaur and to humans of gigantic statures. 

Find out how life was preserved during the biblical Deluge, who was the physical Satan, and what destroyed ancient Sodom and Gomorrah in this 400-page epic investigation.  




  When the ancient royal library at Nineveh--in modern-day Kouyunjik, northern Iraq--was being excavated by Austen Henry Layard in 1846, thousands of broken clay tablets carrying Akkadian inscriptions were unearthed. Dismissed as nothing more than 'decorated potshards' the countless artefacs were casually piled up and shipped over to Britain for later inpections.

  By the end of the 19th century Iraq was infested by European archaeologists who were busy digging up six different sites. With World War I looming, German troops joined the archaeological contest, claiming locations farther south, among them the site of ancient Babylon where the sacred precinct, the Esagil temple-ziggurat, was discovered.

  Up north, Layard's seemingly insignificant find of decorated broken clay soon proved to be of immense archaeoogical importance. The Hebrew language, the only biblical tongue still in use today, is derived from Akkadian, the semitic mother tongue. Suspecting that the decorations on the discovered clay were some form of ancient texts, Assyriologist George Smith from the British Museum began the almost impossible process of matching the tens of thousands of broken pieces.

  The deciphered script signs on the fragmented clay described Nineveh library as being 'very old' and credited its collection to the Assyrian king Ashurbanipal who lived circa 2,670 years ago. In his dedication tablet, Ashurbanipal boasts that he could read several old languages, including prehistoric texts from pre-Diluvial Earth! But before one draws any comparisons to the biblical stories in Genesis, one must hear the rest of what was found.

  King Ashurbanipal had assembled and translated literature from his own antiquity. Th question is: How far back in time was 'very old' to a king who lived 2,670 years ago? The experts who started to decipher the texts were stunned. What Layard had discovered in Iraq were tablets recording the oldest known human language, containing events that describe the biblical creation of the cosmos, the descent of gods from heaven to Earth, an astonishing human origin from genetic engineering and, among much else, recorded narratives of prehistoric travels into space.

  Church officials stress that the Bible is a holy book and that its contents are not subjects of scientific, historical and archaeological investigations. The clay records which Layard had discovered in Iraq preserve the shocking truth of Earth's Forbidden History that which today are commonly known as mythology.




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