Millions of years before the appearance of Mankind other intelligent beings roamed the outer and inner faces of the Earth. The place today known as ‘Hollow Earth’ is a realm of fabled antiquity. It is not only real but overwhelming allusions to it coded in the Sacred Texts pinpoint portals and wormholes that lead to this supernatural realm.


      In his quest for the truth, the author continues to penetrate pre-Diluvian myths and illustrates with excellent detail that this inner realm of myth is an extension to the 4th Dimension, a frequency alluded to in the ancient literatures as Hades, the Deep, Abyss, the Centre of the Earth, Paradise, Hell, and other symbolic references.


      Unorthodox theology is a scientific tool employed in this book on tenacious and unyielding enigmas that have misled millions of people worldwide for thousands of years.


      Biblical allegories, such as God, Adam and Eve, angels of the Lord, and Serpent wisdom are a handful from various issues thoroughly examined in this book.    


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      The author of Quantum Gnosis, The Gospel of Forbidden Truth and The Bible Paradox has done it again! Using ancient occult, spiritual research and breaking all the Christian rules, Falzon quarries his way to the ultimate mystery in this epic investigation, a mystery that has been guarding the uncracked code to the interpretation of the world’s bestselling book ever. . .

The Bible!


      Fallen Seraphim is a unique experience that explains the creation and formation of the Earth from an entirely new perspective.


      Join millions of fellow readers and witness the Earth’s history being retold in this fascinating 450-page quest for the truth.  








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