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As the world is everyday coming to enlightenment and millions of people are becoming more aware of the reason why humanity exists, the purpose of its creation and who was involved in the making of mankind, the number of truth seekers is growing very quickly and the number of questions being asked in our days is staggering. This reflects our God-given freedom as light beings, the freedom to ask and discover who we are and how powerful we have been fashioned.


The right books and movies are important tools to assist you with your journey in search for the truth, but how much more important would be to trust your Self and to become conscious that you already know the truth? Consider my advice . . . Don’t be a believer . . . become a knower.


“Man, know thyself . . . and thou shalt know the gods.” Proverbs of Initiation.



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The following extract is from The Gospel of Forbidden Truth -(Book II from the Arcana Trilogy).


"The prior 6,000 years were a time of transformation for the modern Man, a time which I call ‘the Neolithic evolution’ which drew primitive tribes-(the Noahic peoples) from their caves and underground settlements––where they had lived like beasts for thousands of years––to the splendor of forests and coastal plains. The primitive Shemites-(prior to becoming civilised Sumerians) founded their historical roots in cave dwellings. Much of their mural works we see today in caves are the primitive photos of mighty predators and other animals then considered sacred. Among the many freezes we also find hand-painted images of strange beings and the aerial vehicles they flew (see more in Note BATT-6). It was during that time that the modern Man began to explore and discover the Earth, bumping into pre-Diluvian structures the like of which his eyes had never beheld.

The megalithic power plants/portals of Malta––credited to 4000 B.C. Sicilian migrants––are such structures which the tribes of Japheth-(Noah’s third-born) encountered during their expansion in Europe circa the above mentioned date. Unfamiliar with the structures’ proper function, the early Europeans-(Japhethites) began to rebuild their roofs and restore their interiors. These tribes named the Island, meaning ‘Haven’.

The megalithic ruins were . . ."


Quoted from page 240.


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Halloween is an appropriate time to learn that a 'Grand Druid Council' of 13 'Witches' control the Illuminati, and meets eight times annually on the 'Witches' Sabbaths' (incl. Halloween) when millions of occult practitioners engage in orgies, which sometimes involve sacrifice simulating an ancient human sacrifice.


Halloween has its origin in the British Isles about 1300 years ago. In those days, there were many men and women who practiced a so-called “nature religion” known as Wicca. (The word 'Wicca' means 'wise ones.' The word 'witch' is derived from 'Wicca.') The witches worked their spells and magic as individuals or sometimes in groups of 13 known as Covens. Sometimes the witches and wizards worked as a triumvirate or power of three. The female Wiccan was known as a witch, and the male Wiccan was known as a wizard. The word 'warlock' was not used by witches to identify themselves. It is actually a Scotch-Gaelic word that means 'traitor.' Satanists use the word 'warlock.'


The Wiccans were worshippers of the 'Earth Mother', the sun, the moon, and stars. They met every Friday night at a gathering called 'esbat'. They draw a magic circle with a six-pointed star in it called a 'hexagram', from which we get the word 'hex.' The coven of 13 stand 'sky clad' or naked in the hexagram and work spells by chanting and doing rituals such as 'drawing down the moon.' The full moon is sacred to witches, especially if it is on a Friday. It is considered to be even greater if the Friday is the 13th day of the month.


Eight times each year, the witches celebrated a sabbath and the ritual work and spell casting was always done on the eve of the sabbath. The sabbaths are Imbolc on February 2nd, the spring equinox on March 22nd, Beltaine on May 1st, the summer solstice on June 22nd, Lugnahsaid on July 31st, the fall equinox on September 22nd, Samhain on October 31st, and the winter solstice on December 22nd, which is also known as Yule.


Halloween is the most important of the eight sabbaths in witchcraft and is known to the witches by the Scotch-Gaelic word 'Samhain', which is pronounced 'SOW-EEN'. It is believed that on that night, the barrier between this world and the astral plane-(known generally as the next world), becomes very thin. The witches believe that this allows spirits of departed ones to travel freely back and forth between the earth and the spirit realm. Thus, Halloween is the highest day in Wiccan witchcraft. On that night for many centuries, witches would work their magic and then have wild parties all through the darkness of that night. They would play games, such as bobbing for apples, because witches regard the apple a sacred fruit. The witches would also tell stories from their personal diaries of spells known as their 'book of shadows'. These ghost stories would start when the hosting High Priest or Priestess would say, “A witches’ tale and a cup of ale for the host of our guests unseen'.


In those early days in England, there was another kind of witchcraft known as Druidism. The Druids were called 'men of the oaks' and were a strange clan of men who dressed in white robes. The Druids worshipped Cernnunos, the 'horned hunter of the night'. Halloween was sacred to the Druids because their sun-god receded to the underworld on October 31st, which is why darkness increased and light decreased according to their reckoning.


As darkness set in on October 31st, the clan of Druids would put on their white robes and hoods. They would carry sickles and Celtic crosses as they began a torchlight procession. At the beginning of the procession, a male slave was killed and dragged by a rope fastened to his left ankle. The Druids would walk until they came to a house or a village where they shouted the equivalent of “trick or treat.” The treat was a slave girl or any female to be given to the Druids. If the people refused to give a girl as a 'treat', blood was taken from the dead slave and used to draw a hexagram or six-pointed star on the door or wall of the village. Spirits of the 'horned hunter of the night' were invoked by the Druids to kill someone in that house or village by fear that night.

If the house or village gave a girl as a 'treat', the Druids put a pumpkin with a face carved in it in front of the door or gate of that place. Inside the pumpkin was a candle made of human tallow to keep evil spirits away. Thus, the Jack-O-Lantern was and is a sign that you have cooperated with “Satan”.


As we can clearly see in our days, Halloween is not believed to be harmless. Dark spiritual entities, or demons, however, have people in our modern era mimicking the witches and Druids of old. We live in a time when witchcraft is being revived. Movies are filled with witchcraft and numerous television programs such as “Charmed” are teaching witchcraft to millions. The Harry Potter books and movies are likewise furthering the cause of the evil elite! Halloween is no joke and is not harmless fun! The spiritual effect must not be ignored! This evil holiday has no part in the life of any person. The Roman Catholic Church borrowed Halloween from the witches, which shows her true intent. May God help you as you read this tract to avoid Halloween and warn others that it is strictly the invention of evil and can never be anything but evil of the first magnitude!

Of course, Halloween today is celebrated by people whose intentions are innocent. Yet, one celebrating this is still mimicking a part of these dark occult rituals. This is the intention of the dark powers on earth, to have people do something and all the while being ignorant of its true meaning. 


Related Bible Verses:

• Deuteronomy 18:9 –12

• Galatians 5:19 – 21

• Revelation 9:21

• Revelation 21:8


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Did Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrinon land on the moon in July 20, 1969? experts have claimed that footage of the filming was shot on earth and there's ample evidence and hard proof which shows that Apollo 11 was a fake expedition.


Below I have added two links; the first gives us specifics about how the famous film director and producer Stanley Kubrick was involved-(he was found dead following the release of his movie Eyes Wide Shut [1999]); and the second link sheds more light on the moon landing hoax as experts speak out and show footage of the Moon-Landing film set in the 1960's.





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According to documented information which has apparently leaked, it appears that I (and many others) wasn't wrong to assume that Lady Diana was murdered by some of the most powerful individuals on the planet.

Below is an interesting article that details the conspiracy and even mentions names. The article claims that Lady Diana was pregnant with Dodi's child and an abortion was done to her in the ambulance that allegedly had come on the crash site to take her to the nearest hospital.    


The Mossad Connection

In a book called Gideon’s Spies, the claim is made that a Mossad agent named Maurice was in Paris at the Ritz Hotel trying to recruit the chauffeur, Henri Paul, on the very day the accident occurred. Henri Paul, the driver, was killed instantly.

This book further states:

In July 1998, Mohammed Al Fayed asked a number of questions in a letter he sent to every one of Britain’s members of Parliament, urging them to raise the questions in the House of Commons. He claimed that ‘there is a force at work to stifle the answers I want.’ His behavior was seen as the reaction of a grieving father lashing out in every direction. The questions deserve repeating, not because they shed any light on the role Mossad played in the closing weeks of Henri Paul’s life, but because they show how the entire tragedy has gained a momentum that only the true facts can stop.

Al Fayed wrote of a “plot” to get rid of Diana and his son and attempted to link all kinds of disparate events with his questions:

Why did it take one hour and forty minutes to get the princess to hospital?

Why have some of the photographers failed to give up some of the pictures they shot?

Why was there a break-in that night at the London home of a photographer who handles paparazzi pictures?

Why have all the closed-circuit television cameras in that part of Paris produced not one frame of videotape?

Why were the speed cameras on the route out of film, and the traffic cameras not switched on?

Why was the scene of the crash not preserved but reopened to traffic after a few hours?

Who was the person in the press group outside the Ritz who was equipped like a news photographer?

Who were the two unidentified men mingling in the crowd who later sat in the Ritz bar?

They ordered in English, watching and listening in a marked way?

Gideon’s Spies seems to be a clever way of sowing disinformation and covering the tracks of any Mossad agents who happened to have been involved in the murder of Dodi and Diana.


At the top of the MI-6 document the sources for the information are listed. One is a British citizen named Ken Etheridge. Ken Etheridge worked for one of Mohammed Al Fayed’s enemies, Tiny Rowlands, who financed Allan Frankovich’s film “The Maltese Doublecross,” about the downing of Pan Am 103. Rowlands financed the film for two reasons. One, he felt that he could drag Muslim terrorists and arms dealers into the film and thereby taint Al Fayed who was involved with arms dealers. The second reason was purely business. Rowlands wanted to get in good with Colonel Gaddaffi in order to obtain mining concessions near the Chad border.


Rowlands sent Ken Etheridge to Spain to supervise the filming of DIA whistle-blower Les Coleman. Coleman stated that it was not the Libyans who downed Pan Am 103, it was Palestinian terrorists who were paid by Iran. This information put Rowlands in high regard with Colonel Gaddaffi.

According to CIA sources:

Etheridge was an Asset of MI-6 who had investigated Al Fayed some years back and who gave the CIA information about Al Fayed’s weapons deals with his brother-in-law, Adnan Khashoggi. Etheridge’s involvement with the Diana business is a round-about one in that he informed the CIA of the extent of Al Fayed’s intrigues concerning his desire for a Dodi-Diana Union to the British Establishment, who has refused to grant Al Fayed citizenship for over thirty years.

Early Reports State Diana Was Out of the Car

Early television coverage of the accident stated that Diana was out of the car and walking around. The first reports to be seen on television said that Diana was, “out of the car” ... “conscious” ... “suffering from a broken arm, a cut on her hip & a possible concussion.”

These reports stated that her injuries were “not potentially life threatening, but serious.” These reports are part of an article by Sabre called, “Diana, Accident or Murder?” Sabre began taping at approximately 12:35 a.m. from a satellite feed, shortly after the first bulletin aired. Initial reports were from the BBC and SKY. These remarks and the photos that were aired with them have never been reported since.


Documents in the possession of the CIA state most of what has been laid out above. These documents were summarized for me by a CIA operative. In addition to stating many things that have been in the pubic domain for years, the documents also state the following.

Some of the following information is so disturbing that it has taken me two full years to verify it and finally write about it.

• The target on the evening of August 30, 1997 was Dodi Al Fayed. The Palace had given its blessing for the elimination of Dodi Al Fayed, the father of the child Diana was carrying.

• The Palace assumed Diana was about three months pregnant.

• The original plan called for the death of Dodi AND an abortion for Diana!

• The Palace ordered an abortion using the D&C method. It was performed in the ambulance while it was parked for nearly an hour, on the side of the street, on the way to the hospital.

• The abortion was completed, but the loss of blood was too great and the advanced damage to internal organs was irreversible.

• Diana died of blood loss caused by an abortion ­ NOT from a torn heart!

• The coverup of the truth was ordered by Bernadette Chodron de Courcel, the wife of President Chirac, who was informed immediately and sped to the hospital. Mme Chodron de Courcel is the power of Opus Dei in France.

• To insure that Dodi died in the crash, the K-Team had one of their “specialists” positioned inside the Pont de L’Alma tunnel. He was the one who reached into the car, as if he was checking to see if Dodi was alive. It is not known if Dodi was alive or dead when the “specialist” broke his neck. As he emerged from the car, he shook his head to let the members of his team, who were disguised as photographers, know that the deed was done. Dodi was dead.

• There is a photograph of the “specialist.” It has been published in one of the tabloids, however, its significance was not known at the time.

• Diana was alive. She was outside the car, walking. She knew Dodi was dead. When the ambulance arrived, Diana stepped into it herself. There is a photograph which shows her sitting inside the ambulance. She looks fine.

While it is suspected that whoever performed the abortion was ordered to cause her death, this has not been confirmed.

CIA sources state that the Palace did not want her dead. The Palace still hoped to use her to reunite Britain and the United States. The Palace also knew that secrets like this cannot be kept. If the Palace was involved in the murder of Diana, her two loving sons would eventually find this out. It was all right if William and Harry knew that the Palace, meaning their Grandparents, had ordered the death of their mother’s Egyptian boyfriend. They knew they could make the boys understand why they did it. But the Palace could never make Prince William and Prince Harry understand why their mother had to be killed.


If the Palace did not want her dead then who ordered it? And why? CIA sources have speculated that one or two men in powerful behind-the-scenes positions decided on their own that Diana was too much of a “loose cannon” to be trusted. These men decided it would be easier to control her if she was dead.

Therefore, they arranged her death, so they could use her image to create a new world religion through which they could control the world.


by Rayelan Allan


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A couple of years ago I was talking to a friend of mine about conventional and unconventional medicine and how dangerous conventional medicine is, an issue that unfortunately millions of people are still ignorant of.

These days, with all the information being shared on social networks, it's quite difficult to miss being informed. Of course, by this I am not encouraging one to believe everything one sees or reads on the internet. What I always tell people is to take time to make their own research before they go and make a belief out of something. The brain tends to welcome almost everything; in particular, when something is said by a politician, a doctor, a priest . . . people we are led to trust and believe in.

AIDS is a man-made disease. Yes, you understood correctly . . . it was made in a laboratory and its victims initially did not get HIV through sex - as many of us are brought up to believe - but were infected through vaccines. It's much like Ebola today; in order to be protected against the virus millions of people are alerted to take the anti-virus vaccine which some people have taken, all the while being ignorant of the fact that the vaccine they have been told to take contains the actual virus and not the anti-virus.

Check out this video on AIDS and how it was made and make your own judgment.

Stay healthy and aware.


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Good morning. A friend sent me the link below which I like to share with you. The content in this link speaks mostly about insurance fraud but according to a research I have done back in 2012 the conspiracy was much more than that.


A good percentage of the world's populace now knows something about what is going on behind the big black curtains. The Federal Reserve did have some opposition back in the 1900s. Three of the richest and most important of the opponents were Benjamin Guggenheim, Isador Strauss, the head of Macy’s Department Stores, and John Jacob Astor, probably the wealthiest man in the world. Their total wealth, at that time, using dollar values of their day was more than 500 million dollars. Today that amount of money would be worth nearly eleven billion dollars. These three men were coaxed and encouraged to board the floating palace called Titanic. They had to be destroyed because the Jesuits knew these men would use their wealth and influence to oppose a Federal Reserve Bank as well as the various wars that were being planned.


Enjoy the video.


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First it’s the problem with illegal immigration, and now Ebola from Africa. How convenient to those that pull our strings. Those that control the planet have the power to control illegal immigration but they don’t want to. Why? The strategy of the white race becoming hostile to the black and to Muslim people is working indeed. Haven’t you realised that this is exactly what our governments have been ordered to do? All this is the New World Order’s plan, to drive humanity against itself. And now 'Ebola' is just another word instead of “I got you right within my grasp again”.


Fear not, the virus is real, only it has been planted by human hands to spread with the pretext that it started through the filth of Africa. It’s time to wake up. The Elite are coming up with every trick up their sleeve to trigger WWIII. Look at what is taking place in Palestine, Syria and in other Muslim countries. Hate is taking control of our brains through unwanted media spread on social networks and daily news. Countries fighting each other have been cruelly misinformed against one another on purpose. This is how most conflicts are triggered in order to create an excuse for the super powers to step in and take advantage of the situation.


The Elite have humanity in their grasp by the balls again! The human brain is the key! Those that control the planet have plagued our brains with their false doctrines for thousands of years. Today an adult, any adult, is manipulated just as easy as a child is bought with a honey cake. And this is how it happens:


A country has several political parties and each party, ironically, has its own news to spread. It’s all lies and propaganda and the brain keeps on tripping over and over without ever realising. Moreover, don’t trust conventional medicine, particularly vaccines. That’s how Ebola started! The media will have you believe that the outbreak is true and that it can only be stopped with the anti virus vaccine! You take the vaccine and you're busted!


Take a look at the video-lomk below. It's very telling that, like everything else, the Ebola was planned to happen through false news and vaccination. Jump to 5:27 for facts.


Open your eyes.

Good day.


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"According to various ancient texts, they had sexual intercourse with female Neanderthals whose offspring were beings of mighty strength and stature. The Book of Enoch: “2 And they became pregnant, and they bore great giants, whose height was three thousand ells . . .”-(three thousand ells are about 12/13 feet). This Genesis author also calls them ‘heroes of old, men of renown’ – The Sons of Mars.

This was a new race, a race of human giants – (hybrids) between E.Ts and Earthlings – a race that deals with enigmas ranging from biology to astronomy. Neanderthal were large beings. Taking into consideration the 50% alien DNA, for instance, Adapa-(the biblical Adam) could easily had been a ten–foot giant. The beings that pro-created us stood about 13 to 15 foot tall. To us contemporaries the tales of beings over 8 feet tall are fantasy legends. But if we compare the prehistoric standard, the ‘over-10-foot giants’ to the rarity of today’s human tallness-(under 9 feet) we would understand why the giants of antiquity for us today are no more than fantasy myths.

This is precisely why I have committed myself to research and study these sorts of phenomena in order to provide credible yet extraordinary results which can be visited, viewed and even touched.

Evidences of giant human remains were and still are being unearthed all over the world like, for instance, the 11.6 foot Neolithic ‘Giant of Castelnau’ excavated in France in 1890 by George Vacher de Lapouage; the discovery was published in the journal La Nature, Vol. 18, in 1890.

The origin of human gigantism on Earth took my research 110,200 years back into prehistory when the two female Homo sapiens gave birth to Cronus’ offspring ‘Adapa and Titi’ (the biblical Adam and Eve). The babies were born hybrids with tallness inherited from the father Cronus whose (A) gene-(tallness) dominated the (b) gene-(shortness) of the mothers.

One set of GL.12-chromosomes-(twenty-three pairs) is contributed by each parent, one by the female parent in her ova containing the ‘b’ or ‘A’ gene, and one by the male parent in his sperm containing the ‘b’ or ‘A’ gene, which are joined at fertilisation – (A) for tallness, (b) for shortness. The ova and sperm cells have only one copy of each chromosome and are described as haploid. Production of haploid gametes occurs through a cell division process called meiosis.

In Cronus’ case, the average height of the Homo sapiens mothers-(about six/seven feet) was not inherited by Adapa and Titi because the chromosomes of Cronus, being a tall person, have an ‘A’ gene and this gene is always dominant over shortness; a ‘b’ gene (not Capitalised) represents shortness and it is always recessive. A ‘b’ gene only produces an effect in an organism when its matching allele-GL.5 is identical. If two alleles match identically shortness is dominant. However, tallness always dominates if a male/female is much taller than the male/female partner. In most cases the children are often taller than the parents. Stature varies between brothers and sisters; the majority are tall or of the average height with the exception of a short brother/sister on occasions; i.e. three tall, one short.

Like their parents, Ka-in and Aba.el were Neanderthals of huge stature, over 9 feet tall. In due course, gigantism, inherited from the Lord Cronus, began to wane to statures of 8 and 7 feet-(as was in the case of the two Homo sapiens mothers)."



Extract from The Gospel of Forbidden Truth by Kevin Falzon


Watch this short clip:


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All life in eternity, past, present and future, seen and unseen, primitive and civilised, high and low, human-type and other, is composed from Oneness and therefore issued from the Womb of the One. All life is destined to live for ever in a cycle that keeps on evolving within the Infinity. Along the way some life may wander away from its path and loses its way; other life may get stuck; and yet other life in due course learns to keep focus on and follow the path. This doesn’t mean that the latter never got stuck or never lost their way before; it means they harnessed their focus because they gained experience!


Remember that every single person, in one lifetime or another, envied, hated, committed murder, raped, conspired to do harm, participated in atrocities, abused children, committed suicide etc. Of course our physical brain does not remember this, although it can. You are a good person in this present lifetime because of the lessons you have learned in your previous lives; we are constantly building upon yesterday. So if last week I did not help my wife clean the house because I wanted to keep playing on my PlayStation, this week I will help my wife, and I will do so not to shut her up or to expect a ‘thank you’ afterwards; I do so because I want to and from it learn to serve others as well as I serve myself. If we do this on the bases of 50% service to self and 50% service to others we would be on the right path . . . that way we would be helping each other.


But what happens to those that are too lazy to care and to those that simply live to serve only themselves? Believe it or not, they will repeat this life for as many times as it is required of them until they learn the lesson to serve others as well. It is one of the most crucial lessons to remember that we are here to share and to help each other because we are fashioned to build our lives together. To help someone in need would be such a gift for the helper that it would fire him or her up to help again. The feeling is beautiful, so beautiful it brings a smile on your face and warms up your heart. You would want to help everyone which is what we are here to do. To become one Group-Soul we need to unite. Unfortunately our brain won’t let us. The brain – which is the organ that the system attacks in order to control us – 50% of the time (depending on the person’s current stage in his or her progress) works against our evolution. I see no need to elaborate on this matter or to start mentioning the innumerable divisions and negativities that this octopus of a system has created to keep us on the leash like a mule on a treadmill. The moment you realise your slavery the system would call you crazy and turns your friends against you to destroy you. Alas, this is the way the world works. But do not be discouraged because even in this system of slaves there is a lot to learn from. Negativity is important for one to prove oneself; positivity alone won’t help us evolve. Also, don’t forget that in between lives it was you who chose to be born here. We must remember that everything happens for a reason, bad things included.


It is not the first time that I heard people ask this question: “Why does the Lord allow evil?” If this question was asked to a Catholic official, the asker would know the answer before the priest spits out his response. First of all, who is this Lord? Surely, the biblical Yahweh is not the One Infinite Energy. In my latest publication ‘Quantum Gnosis’ I explain this down to the tiniest detail. Those who are new to this subject are already lost in the details, but I will, concisely, attempt to explain the One (which we have been accustomed to call God) in the simplest way. Imagine all life and existence that evolves within the Infinity. That – is – God. If you think that God is him who spoke to Moses, promising him and the Israelites the Land of Milk and Honey through the extermination of thousands of Canaanite citizens, you are terribly misled. The truth is that the One is made up of Us and Us of the One. There is no such thing as ‘God allowing evil’. Evil becomes manifest through our own doings. To understand my point do not look at humanity from an angle in which all souls are individuated according to their physical persons, but rather look at humanity as a collective body which is responsible for all that happens. For example: Plagues are of OUR doings which are caused through our own negligence, through our own conspiracies and through our own sciences. The same goes for everything else which we have created and which at some point turns against us. Stop asking questions you already know.


Ok, enough of this. Let’s go beyond the physical. What are demons? Demons are “lost” souls that have gained tremendous power in the lower levels of the 4th dimensional reality. They have lost their paths because they enjoy doing harm. They feed on fear the way cancer feeds on sugar. But they are not lost forever. One day these souls will find their path to continue evolving as this was designed and meant to be. Until they realise this, they are stuck serving themselves through negative pleasure and indulgence.


Why they find themselves in the situation they are in? When a person dies, s/he leaves the physical body on the physical dimension-(3rd dimensional Earth). Consciousness, which is us, stores all the deeds that the person has done throughout his or her life. At this point in our evolution our consciousness experiences the afterlife (which is a phase between the past life and the next) and goes through a period which on Earth is called ‘imprisonment’. But the term itself radiates negativity and therefore the term is incorrect. I say this because people that have strayed from the path of righteousness, supposedly, are sent to ‘corrective facilities’ in order to soul-search and to learn to correct themselves, but this on Earth does not happen.


In the afterlife things evolve much differently. Souls with negative consciousness go to corrective facilities to cleanse from the negative load. This experience may last a lifetime of Earth’s time or more – depending on the density of the crimes – but there it would feel like a thousand years. These spiritual corrective facilities are many and various; the killer doesn’t go through the same cleansing process as the thief. On Earth prisoners are cast in together, but they should be divided into categories. It’s wicked and immoral to lock up a serial killer with a common thief. But this is Earth and man messed it all up.


On Earth religion calls an astral corrective facility ‘hell’ or ‘purgatory’. As I said, there are different facilities for different levels of corrections and cleansings. You who are reading, as well as I, have been there thousands of times, only we don’t remember. When we are done with the cleansing, we are ready to come on the stage of physical life once again to continue our scholastic journey. However, there are those (we call demons or evil entities) that have dropped anchor in the hells of the lower astral realm. In there they are very powerful, but when they descend to 3rd dimension, to possess a human, their powers become harnessed and limited, so they resort to hurting the victim’s physical body, to lies and to trying to appear stronger than this 3rd dimension would allow. These souls’ negative interference with physical life mirrors their long-ago life experience in the physical world when, like us, they walked into a body. In that lifetime they committed evil crimes on innocent people and so when they died the memories of their negative actions travelled with them within their consciousness. This means that if in the physical life one is a liar, in the afterlife one will remain the same. The cleansing process helps one right the wrongs, but if a soul refuses to learn and remains attached to his earthly thoughts, the soul would wander away from the main path and ends up getting stuck for a long time without any evolution. The soul’s long-ago physical experience could have been here on Earth, but not necessarily.


The following are earthly examples of a handful of negative souls at the time of their personification into historical characters: The Roman Emperor Nero-(to mention one), Vlad Dracula, Adolph Hitler, several biblical personalities, almost all the Catholic inquisitors and numberless other personalities, many of which their horrific crimes against humanity were blamed on others. In the end the souls of mass murderers, too, are part of the One and must find the way to dislodge “themselves” from the hell they had put “themselves” in to.


My final words in this article are these: Stay focused in your heart because your heart is the right and only path. Use your brains for math and your heart for the truth.



Thank you and blessings